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    Ninja Sports Performance seeks to help families find the “IT” in every player. We do not subscribe to the “freak” theory – that one must be born with talent or “IT”. We believe everyone can become more than they are today if the desire is great enough.

    “If your WHY is big enough, the HOW becomes obvious.”

    Why Ninja Sports

    • measure


      If you want to improve something, MEASURE IT! Objective measurement is a cornerstone of what we do at Ninja Sports Performance. We begin by conducting a thorough assessment measuring critical success factors to establish a baseline. Once you determine your starting point, we can then establish goals and a plan for improvement. Then we measure progress regularly to be sure you are on track. If you are good enough, you might even qualify to be placed on the National Leaderboards.

    • prepare


      Games are the test. Preparing for games is where the real development happens. Ninja Sports offers comprehensive programs and tools to help players reach their next level. From sports specific skill training to proper energy system strength and conditioning work to nutrition and vision training, Ninja Sports aims to help “invested” players get to their next level. We believe that anyone can reach the highest levels of sport if the desire and work ethic is strong.

    • perform


      At Ninja Sports, we strive to help families find the “IT” in every player. We look at performance differently. We believe performance is not only about the results or outcomes; but more importantly, a focus on the process leading to true long term development and success. Trophies, win/loss records, batting averages, etc are only one way to measure performance. The ability to compete in the face of adversity and doing so the right way is a critical skill in sport and in life. In the end, you are your only competition.

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